Product Thinking 101

Naren Katakam
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If you are someone who is overwhelmed with the usage of the term 'Product Thinking', the way it is used and thrown at in conversations and always wondered what it really means? then this presentation is for you.

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Key Takeaways:

Here are the key takeaways from this presentation →

Definition of product thinking

Why is product thinking important and the 3 rules you have to keep in mind:

1. Love the problem, not the solution

2. Think in products, not in features

3. Make products more meaningful with product thinking

To cultivate product thinking try to apply these 3 problem space tools and 3 solution space tools on your next product idea: 

1. Problem space tool#1 → 5W1H 

2. Problem space tool#2 → MOMS TEST

3. Problem space tool#3 → JTBD

4. Solution space tool#1 → Hypothesis Template

5. Solution space tool#2 → 6 Solution Models

6. Solution space tool#3 → Outcome > Output

3 ratings
  • A beautifully designed slide deck on "product thinking" 101s

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  • A beautifully designed slide deck on "product thinking" 101s
  • Size3.17 MB
  • Length31 pages
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Product Thinking 101

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